We didn't think candles had to be boring...

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Its been about 150 years since candles were vital for light. Now their role is more refined. Their combination of warm low light, scent, and slow transformation make them the solution for communicating the mood. Whether it's intimacy, festivity, enchantment or elegance - candles say it like nothing else can.

54 Celsius strives to enhance the conversation by bringing you candles that are so beautiful and unique that they can easily transition from a supporting role to the star of the show. We both design our own collections and we share the work of some very talented friends by distributing their candles in the US, UK and Europe.

Thorunn Arnadottir

Co-Founder and Creative Director.

Thorunn spends her days figuring out how to turn the mundane into the divine. Well, divine might not be quite the right word - rather, unexpected, gorgeous, thought provoking, and preposterously fun. Could it be Iceland? Maybe endlessly bumping into the same people sends the imagination into uncharted territory.

About Dan

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Dan lives for turning a great concept into a finished good and fostering it until it holds its own in the marketplace. He gets giddy with excitement about the details that make people's eye's droop to half-mast. Factory tour? Woohoo! Anyone fancy a pint and a long discussion about distribution strategy? Who's up for a late-night chat about environmentally friendly packaging materials?

Jana Hercoga

Operations Manager.

Jana is in the business of "now". That means orders going out now, new stock arriving now, answers to distributor and retailer questions now, and keeping the accounts up to date now. In short: everything... now. If Jana had an avatar, it would be the 6 armed Hindu Goddess, Durga.

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